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Delovoy yazyk

Delovoy Yazyk is a translation agency with a 30-year track record. It was founded in 1988, and dates back to a small private business registered under the Department of Foreign Languages at the USSR Academy of Sciences. Over years, the agency has survived through renaming, a change of legal form, merger and demerger, but has not suspended work for a single day.

For many years, we have a professional translator, Marina Votintseva, as our team leader. The agency has over 250 translators on our roster, and many of them are justly acclaimed as the best specialists in their respective areas. We do not have to run aggressive promotional campaigns, because our customers gratefully recommend our agency to their friends and colleagues. 

Delovoy Yazyk works 24/7. You may rest assured that we will meet the deadline for your order, and that it will be fulfilled with the best possible quality.

As a customer, you will have a personal manager to be closely in touch with you at every step of the way.


To make matters more convenient for our customers, we use a simplified tax system for our subsidiary that is unpretentiously called Translation Agency. In addition, we have employees working as sole proprietors.

Since the inception, we do our utmost to service you as best as we can. Special emphasis is placed on efficiency, and on smooth and substantial client interaction. ​


The mission of Delovoy Yazyk is to provide high-quality services on time and to deliver them at a high professional level. To achieve that goal, our team takes into account special aspects of every project.

We render translation and interpretation services, and we work with texts and documents of any subject area, virtually with all languages existing worldwide, and we also can have translations notarized, apostilled and legalized by a consular officer for you.

Our agency has state-of-the-art equipment to transmit, receive and process files. We have at our disposal in-house servers and file hosting services that ensure reliable storage of sensitive and confidential information.

One very distinctive feature of our agency is our unique team of specialists in the world’s rarest languages (even Maltese and Irish), and of translators who know languages of the various ethnicities of the former USSR. Every language crew is led by the biggest expert in the respective field.

We do hope that when you contact us, you will find what you need. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, if you’ve got any questions.

Would you like to ask questions, leave comments or share expectations?
Please contact us, and we will be pleased to get back to you.

Moscow, Institutskiy Pereulok 2/1, office 515

+ 7 (495) 650-76-35 |  + 7 (495) 650-47-91

Information sent. Thanks!

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