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Proofreading services

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Proofreading is a fundamental stage of translation and is an extremely useful benefit of using Delovoy Yazyk translation company. We make sure that your documents are free of any spelling, grammatical and syntax errors before being published online or going to press. Our in-house and freelance proofreaders check the translated material with the original text, as well as reviewing the text according to your company's guidelines.

You can order proofreading or language review as a separate service for texts that you have written yourself, or the service can be included in the translation process. Corrections can be made to the file directly or marked using a commenting tool such as Microsoft Word’s track changes function, as agreed with the customer.

For texts that you have, for example, written yourself in a language other than your native tongue, we recommend copy-editing. During copy-editing, we check all the same things as during proofreading. In addition to those aspects, the reviewer also pays attention to the style and tone and, if necessary, the structure and things such as headings. Copy-editing is especially suitable for marketing materials, websites and other texts that will be published.

However, if you're interesting in using just our proofreading services, our project management will calculate a quote based on your requirements, such as dissertation proofreading.

Have questions, comments or suggestions? Contact us and we will be happy to reply.

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