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Medical translations

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The translation of medical texts is rather complicated and it puts a great responsibility on the translator’s shoulders. Medical translation does not tolerate approximate definitions and imprecise terms. Both the translators and editors engaged in medical translation, are selected depending on the specific character of a particular order. In order to translate medical texts, translators need to have the appropriate medical training and experience in this field.

Medical translation, regardless of its nature, whether it be pharmaceutical, biomedical, biochemical or technical will be performed by our personnel with the utmost care.

Delovoy Yazyk  translation company offers translation of medical texts in all the main medical spheres:

  • medical documents (references, epicrises, excerpts from medical history, surgery reports, conclusions of experts, results of analyses),

  • documentation on clinical trials of pharmaceuticals,

  • pharmaceutical documents (certificates for pharmaceuticals, information for doctors and patients, pharmaceutical leaflets),

  • documentation for equipment and tools (operating instructions, descriptions, advertising materials, catalogues, presentations),

  • research papers (conference materials, reviews, theses, training manuals for doctors and medical students),

  • abstracts and presentations,

  • scientific and popular literature on medicine,

  • websites on medicine, pharmacology, clinical trials, medical equipment and tools

  • manuals.

If you order medical translation with our agency, you receive a full set of services, including professional medical translation, edited by specialists in the particular sphere, as well as proof-reading. Technical medical translations are performed by professionals who specialise in medical equipment and the translations will be checked by a medical editor and a proof-reader who work in this field on a daily basis.

Medical translation is complicated due to its specific terminology, thus it is quite labour-intensive and full of responsibility. It is important to work in steps when performing medical translations. The translator reads the text thoroughly and extracts complicated and rarely used terms. The next step of medical translation is an analysis of terms and the separate parts of the text. After that, the professional translation of medical documents becomes possible. We will perform any medical translation skilfully, whether it be a description of a pharmaceutical or an operation manual for medical equipment. A detailed analysis of the terms used in a medical text is performed during the translation process as our translators consult medical doctors.

Nowadays many patients undergo treatment abroad. For this reason they need various medical documents to be translated. For example, a medical translation of analyses. Thanks to medical translation, one can avoid the necessity of undergoing the same procedures repeatedly. Moreover, the doctor might need a translation of the patient's medical history. In this case medical translation helps, too. The precision of the information provided for the doctor on the particular case depends on the quality of the medical translation. Imprecise interpretation of any term used may result in various delays or problems in treatment abroad. Thus, the result of treatment will be highly dependant on the accuracy of the translation of medical documents. Chances are that incorrect medical translation will leave a negative impact on the medical practice.

If you need translation of medical texts for submitting documents to clinics abroad, we are always ready to assist you with finding the best solution.

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