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Communicate with your audiences freely and easily

Our interpretation services will inevitably bring you success. We are fully aware of the importance of all your events and appointments, from an unofficial meeting to a conference to a workshop to business talks. Interpretation is a service that allows speakers and their target audiences to communicate in any language. It is vitally important for that service to be rendered by a skilled professional because misunderstanding may undermine a company’s image and prestige. Trust Delovoy Yazyk with interpreting at your events. We employ only experienced professionals.

In addition to interpretation itself, we will advise you the right kind of interpretation suitable for your particular event. You only need to express your expectations, and we will live up to them, finding the most cost-efficient way.


There are two types of interpretation:

  • Simultaneous interpretation

Special equipment is required for simultaneous interpreters to do their work: soundproof booths, interpreter consoles, headphones and microphones. The audience use earplugs to listen to the translation in their language.

  • Consecutive interpretation

In consecutive interpreting, speeches are divided into several segments. The interpreter typically takes notes while the speaker finishes the segment. When the speaker stops speaking, the interpreter renders the message into the target language for the audience.

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