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Certification and notarisation

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A considerable number of our clients require the translation of official documents. These can be personal documents such as passports, driving licences, birth certificates, etc., or legal documents: deeds to property or land, car registration documents, immovable property related documents, etc.

As a rule you will need a translation of these documents before presenting them to official institutions in Russian Federation or elsewhere, and this means that you will need a notarisation or an Apostille.



The original document is required for notarisation.


Notarisation is executed in two stages: first the document is translated and then it is notarised. In accordance with the Russian Federation Notariate Law the notary certifies the accuracy of the translation from one language into another if he/she has competence in the corresponding languages. If the notary has no competence in the corresponding languages, the translation can be carried out by a translator and the authenticity of his/her signature is then certified by the notary.

In order to notarise the translation you must bring the original documents to our office. You will be able to consult any of our managers regarding the provision of all the necessary information and the agreed delivery deadline and cost.

For texts that you have, for example, written yourself in a language other than your native tongue, we recommend copy-editing. During copy-editing, we check all the same things as during proofreading. In addition to those aspects, the reviewer also pays attention to the style and tone and, if necessary, the structure and things such as headings. Copy-editing is especially suitable for marketing materials, websites and other texts that will be published.

However, if you're interested in using just our proofreading services, our project management will calculate a quote based on your requirements, such as dissertation proofreading.

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