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Document translations

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Delovoy Yazyk translation company offers a wide range of services of this type.  Typically, the translation of documents involves a notarial certification. Our office offers translations with notarial certification as well as certification from a certified translator.


Documents for translation can be conditionally divided in two groups:


  • Translation of personal documents (passports, employment history cards, various types of certificates),

  • Translation of corporate documents (foundation, business and registration documents), tender proposals and applications,

  • Certificates, test reports, certificates and references,

  • Financial documents (business plans, accountancy documents, and statements),

  • Contract documentation (agreements, contracts, amendments and appendixes)


We have translated a large number of documents of a specific and general type. This allows us to fulfil all orders associated with translation of documents clearly, without mistakes and in compliance with the correct form. 


Notarial certification:


  • Authenticity of translator's signature - if the notary does not know the language, the document is translated into of the language used in the original document, the translation can be carried out by a professional translator known personally by the notary. In this case, the notary certifies the authenticity of the signature of the translator who has translated the particular document. This establishes the identity of the translator and the person submitting the document for translation. Contrary to popular belief, the notary does not verify the precision of the translation, because he/she is not obliged to know foreign languages and to be fluent in them. In fact, the certification of signatures is reduced to the signature and stamp of entry in the register of the certifying notary, where the name and number of diploma of the translator performing the particular translation have been registered before.

  • Copies of documents - the notary attests the precision of copies of the documents and excerpts from them, issued by legal entities, provided that these documents are not in contradiction with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The precision of copies is attested by a notary in case the precision of the copy is notarially certified or a copy of the document issued by a legal person who has issued the original document.

  • Copies of the translation upon a notarially attested signature of the translator. In reality it is carried out as follows: the original document and the translation are bound and stitched together and stitched and stamped by notary. The notary makes photocopies of all pages in this stitching (i.e. the original and the translation) and attests this photocopy in the same way as a copy of, for example, a marriage certificate or an employment history card.


Terms for notarial translations: starting from a few hours (for translating such standard documents as a passport, diploma, birth certificate, etc.).


Please take into account: Notarial translation is available only on weekdays, in accordance with the notary's work schedule. In addition to the notarial registration, we also offer the verification of documents with the translator's signature and the seal of the translation company.

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