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We at Delovoy Yazyk regard our clients as our most valued partners. We work continuously on our processes and operations, in order to adapt them to our customers’ requirements in all kinds of translations, in budgeting, meeting deadlines, terminology and subject matters of every sector.


In our professional life that spans for more than 30 years, we have worked with 500 major customers in all industries and sectors, always aspiring to providing excellence within required time limits.


Moreover, due to proper level of customer care and professional attitude, our company is the best partner when it comes to translating documents or rendering interpretation services at international events.


Our partners know very well that we are very passionate about our work and professional demeanor, and that we do our best to treat every project as one of a kind and to guarantee perfection. Our strongest desire is to see our customers prosper, so we are ambitious to offer the best service possible in both translation and interpretation.


Our most flattering recommendation is the feedback of our clients.

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«Delovoy Yazyk translation firm supplies linguistic support services to Rosoboronexport (joint stock company)​. Our business relations were established in 2006. [...]

With invariably high quality, the agency translates all sorts of documents, namely technical specifications, promotional materials, leaflets and catalogs, articles for the media, contracts, accounting and legal paperwork.

Delovoy Yazyk is certainly a force to be reckoned with as a provider of premium-class linguistic services.»

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«Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company) has worked with Delovoy Yazyk translation agency since March 2015. Over the course of our collaboration, we have always regarded Delovoy Yazyk as a reliable partner, willing to cooperate. Smooth work is organized at all stages. Administrative support is good, orders can be placed at all times, and the courier service is prompt.

The most important thing is that Delovoy Yazyk engages highly skilled translators who have a command of legal and banking terminology.»

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«Gazprom Expo LLC has collaborated with the Delovoy Yazyk translation agency over several years. [...]

In that collaboration, the agency has proven itself to be a reliable and responsible partner providing all-around linguistic support to our company.

We would like to emphasize the high quality and timeliness of the service.»

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«United Shipbuilding Corporation (open joint stock company) and Delovoy Yazyk have been in collaboration since February 2009. Over years, your translation agency has always performed as a reliable and responsible partner. All translations are done on time, with due professional care and quality.»

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«Aeroflot (public joint stock company) has been cooperating with the Delovoy Yazyk translation agency for over a decade. [...] In that time, Delovoy Yazyk has established itself as a reliable partner and provider of high-quality services, translating documentation from a wide range of languages.

Aeroflot recommends Delovoy Yazyk translation agency as a reliable and highly skilled partner capable of working out a customized approach to each client, to perform the work in a timely manner and with high quality, within the framework of the assignments at hand.»

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«The Gleb Akimov Notarial Office has collaborated with Delovoy Yazyk translation agency for many years. 

Over time, Delovoy Yazyk translators have gained a reputation of true professionals who treat every assignment with utmost care, and do not shun even rarest languages. [...]

Summing up, we recommend Delovoy Yazyk as a reliable and honest partner for your business.»


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«Our company has cooperated with Delovoy Yazyk translation agency on an ongoing basis since 2012. [...]

With reasonable service costs, translations are performed competently and precisely on time, or even ahead of schedule. With respect to our work, Delovoy Yazyk has the following important strengths:

1. Highly skilled translators are always available. [...]

2. The company’s staff are very knowledgeable in law and legal matters. [...]

3. Impeccable simultaneous interpretation. [...]

4. Due customer care. [...[ 

5. Willingness to accommodate our emergencies. [...]

6. Personnel’s efficiency coupled with friendliness.»

Деловой Язык 8.jpg


«Our company has been in collaboration with Delovoy Yazyk since 2007. Over all these years, Delovoy Yazyk translates design and technological documentation, statements of work, operating manuals for our products, and business correspondence into English and Spanish. All translations are performed on time and with excellent quality. Valuing highly your performance, we would like to thank you and your employees for a strong professional attitude, and recommend Delovoy Yazyk as a reliable partner for a long-term and rewarding cooperation.»

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CJSC "SERVIE",   Moscow branch of the French company LES LABORATOIRES SERVIER, FRANCE, »

«ZAO Servier, the Representative Office of Les Laboratoires Servier and the Moscow subsidiary of Les Laboratoires Servier, France, has worked with the Delovoy Yazyk translation agency since 1995, and every year, based on the outcome of an open bidding procedure, the cooperation contract has been invariably renewed.

Over these years, heaps of translations have been done, including administrative documents, industry-specific medical documentation, legal paperwork, analytical notes, and much much more.

Based on what we have gained from this collaboration, we can leave only most excellent recommendations.»

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«Ashland Eastern Markets LLC has worked with Delovoy Yazyk translation agency since 2014, and we would like to express our enormous gratitude to the team for their professional performance. [...]

Translations in any subject area are done in a professional manner by competent translators knowledgeable in a particular field, deadlines are always met, and translations that need to be done urgently lose nothing in quality, even though they sometimes meet the shortest time limits. We often need our documents to be made into pages, and this work is also carried out beyond reproach.

Collaboration with Delovoy Yazyk translation agency promotes the prosperity and fosters the development of our business, because the quality of their work surpasses all our expectations, and this cooperation, among other things, contributes to our success.»

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«Pharmaceutical company Sotex cooperates with Delovoy Yazyk translation agency in many types of oral and written translation, including those that require notarization, apostilling and consular legalization. 

We recommend Delovoy Yazyk as a reliable and very professional partner for high-quality interpretation and translation services performed to support GMP, namely inspections of industrial facilities of pharmaceutical enterprises.»

Деловой Язык 12.jpg

«NovaMedica LLC would like to express acknowledgment to Delovoy Yazyk for the skillfully performed work translating documents from European and Oriental languages, and for arranging simultaneous interpretation from Russian into English at meetings of our company’s Board of Directors.

We believe we can easily and willingly recommend Delovoy Yazyk as a proficient and capable performer of this kind of assignments.»

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